Gone for a minute, now Im back with the jump off… Anyone catch that Lil Kim Lyric? No? Ok…moving right along… I took some time away. Some time to think, re-group, and pray. So I owe you an explanation, and by you I mean ME. I rarely feel the need to explain myself to anyone, […]

This is for them Twenty Somethins’…Time really moves fast you were just 16! I can not believe its been an entire decade since I reached the tinder age of Sweet 16!  Growing up, 16 was the age that every girl anxiously awaits. Dating, driving, & extended curfew, are just a few things at the top […]

There isn’t a better place to be in the middle of January than off the Coast of Mexico in the beautiful city of Tulum! Over 4 days and 3 nights, I escaped the cold and dreary temperatures of New York City and enjoyed some sand, sun, and of course fun!   The SCENERY  Lodging accommodations were […]

I for one do not like my weekends filled with stuff To-Do!!! But lets be honest, Every Sunday can’t be “Funday”, and every Saturday can’t be “Lazy.” Its so important to take time over the weekend to not only relax but also reset for the week ahead. I personally believe in soaking up every second of […]

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Year after year we set goals for ourselves, both personal and professional and those goals should be driven by passion. Often so many people are in search of their passions and find it difficult to figure out what they are destined to do in life. Well, I’ve got you covered! Here are: […]