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I am on a mission to help women entrepreneurs implement ideas that increase their income.

I will help you get there by leveraging your story to create content and build a powerful personal brand online.  

Dr. Elyse Love
dermatologist + Skin and wellness content creator

I was second guessing everything and not being consistent. I had listened to a few podcast and downloaded some apps trying to put a strategy together myself but nothing really worked. I love my audience so much and I wanted to create better content that served them, and Kala helped me create that impact with my content. 

"I am so much more confident and consistent with my messaging. i have so much clarity around how to market myself online."

food and lifestyle coach 

Everything I tried before was very generic. I finally have a roadmap for my own business and a solid content strategy. I am such an over thinker and Kala really helped me simplify my ideas in a way that made them easy to execute. I really understand now how to  market my business online. 

"I had worked with other coaches but nothing was as custom as this experience"

gabby, real-estate investor coach

My agency was struggling with standing out and infusing storytelling into our marketing. I'm the type of CEO who likes to execute quickly and I appreciate that Kala was able to help me slow down to think about the big picture on how to strategically market my services and tell my story. Everyone seems to be putting out the same type of content, Kala helped me create content that was unique to my voice and expertise. 

i made $65,000 by implementing one strategy alone. 

Mica, Money coach

I was over scrolling through my timeline screen-shooting things and making myself more confused. Kala helped me see my business from a holistic approach. I have so much more clarity on how to create content that makes sense for my brand to market my business. 

"I was on everyone else's page trying to copy what they were doing and I realized I wasn't creating authentic content." 

let's get to it together! 

brittney, Creative director 

My biggest issue was creating content that had substance for my audience. I had imposter syndrome and I regularly attended YouTube University to try and figure it out on my own. Now, not only do I have a real strategy but I also have the confidence to implement it with out feeling overwhelmed. 

I had the biggest transformation and all of my visibilty roadblocks are gone! 

podcaster + Marriage & Lifestyle influencer

I was on everyone else's page trying to copy what they were doing and I realized I wasn't creating content that was authentic to me. I was winging it when it came to my strategy.  I had no systems in place for creating content and it was not effective. I have so much clarity around my brand and the value that I bring to my audience. 

i finally understand how to communicate value to my audience and sell myself online.

Traci Aminia
sexual wellness entreprenuer

I was hiring the wrong people. I had worked with social media managers and I realized that the content did not sound authentic to my brand. After working with Kala I realize I needed a content strategist to help me build community around my content so that my audience can learn to trust me, and then ultimately convert. 

I finally have a process for creating high converting content. 

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