A Letter to My 16 Year Old Self

This is for them Twenty Somethins’…Time really moves fast you were just 16!

I can not believe its been an entire decade since I reached the tinder age of Sweet 16!

 Growing up, 16 was the age that every girl anxiously awaits. Dating, driving, & extended curfew, are just a few things at the top of the list that 16 grants us permission to do. But I was always a tad wise beyond my years, so I remember being so curious about life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. Just as everyone warned, time has indeed flown by and If I could change anything I wouldn’t change a thing. To celebrate I wrote myself a reminder that everything will always be okay.

Dear Kala,

You are on the right path, trust yourself.

High school is rapidly nearing an end, but the friendships you develop there will follow you for a lifetime.

College will reveal so much of you to yourself. You are stronger than you know.

That confidence that lives deep within you will blossom past your wildest imagination, and it will be the tool you use to inspire others.

Your dreams of moving to the New York City will come true!!! So much adventure awaits you there…and most importantly you will move to New York and meet YOU!

So much of what you are going through will not matter in 10 years!

You think that life will be all together by the age of 25. HA! Well you won’t be where you think you would have been in life…but you’ll  find comfort in knowing you are right where you need to be.



Relax girl, RELAX!
Its okay to be focussed on your goals, but make sure you take time to live a little and maybe even a lot.
Traveling the world, working your dream jobs and meeting people you’ve always admired are just a few of the things you will begin to check off your bucket list.
Your twenties will be your prime!
Eliminate the words “I can’t wait” from your vocabulary. Growing up is inevitable and soon enough you’ll begin to experience all that your heart desires.

Know that you are loved…
I know you struggle with opening up to people and releasing your insecurities and frankly ten years from now you will still be dealing with these uncertainties. But you will be okay.
Life will be Litt! (A word from the future that means AH-MAZING!)
Lastly, you are really good at this, but make sure you keep it up as the best thing you can ever do is
With Love,

YOU, Age 26

Happy Birthday To Me!!!
Romper: ASOS
Skirt: Zara
Booties: Target
Coat: ASOS

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