I owe YOU an explanation…

Gone for a minute, now Im back with the jump off…

Anyone catch that Lil Kim Lyric? No? Ok…moving right along…

I took some time away. Some time to think, re-group, and pray. So I owe you an explanation, and by you I mean ME. I rarely feel the need to explain myself to anyone, but in my time away I realized I do owe myself an explanation. Holding yourself accountable is the responsible thing to do right? Right!


YOU! You should always check yourself.

Dress: Eloquii

In the hustle hard age we live in, we are constantly encouraged to never take a break. #TeamNoSleep & #NoDaysOff are just a couple of the trendy phrases heavily used amongst millennials. But unplugging is important to your mental health. I try to keep busy doing the things that make my soul glow, but I must admit its so hard not to get caught up in the “9-5 sunken place!” Because I am not pursuing my personal passions full time, (YET) I sometimes fall victim to comparing myself to others who are, and measuring my success based on theirs. One of my favorite quotes reads “Comparison is the thief of all joy.” So of course I know better, but hey…it happens to the best of us. Im just being honest.

During my time away, I stayed away from the “Search” or as some call it the “Popular” page on Instagram, I even unfollowed a few people. I cleared my mental space and focused on a few tasks that I had been waiting too long to tackle. And most importantly I had long conversations with ME. I owed myself an explanation.

In the lane of dream chasing there will be traffic, road blocks, and your GPS will re-route. But you keep driving!

In other news, spring has finally sprung here in New York City so check out some of my must have spring dresses!

  1. Jessi says:

    Love your very nice blog!!! You look so pretty with that dress!!! Please keep sharing:)

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