I love creating content that inspires women to unapologetically be their true selves, and my mission is to inspire you to do the same! 


hey you,

I'm Kala.

so here's my story...

How It All Began 
It was a dark and stormy winter night when I graced the earth with my powerful presence. Actually, it wasn’t dark or stormy, but that was way more of a dramatic opener. Haha 
On a more serious note, I was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana as the only child of a single mother. After high school I left home to attend college at Clark Atlanta University, where I earned a degree in Broadcast Television.

In 2012 I began creating digital content on the internet at ModelMayI.com. 

This is truly nostalgia, so if you remember this blog you are definitely a Day 1 member of my tribe. Model May I began as an outlet for women who looked like me and shared similar experiences. There was a lack of representation of black, plus-size, natural hair women in the mainstream medium, and I wanted to create a space for us. As a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger, I led with transparency and built a genuine community online. One year later in 2013,

I took a chance of myself and moved to New York City 

with no housing, no job, and no money. I began working as a production assistant for a television station, and I was still blogging as a hobby. As I grew within the blogosphere, I began to partner with major brands to create compelling and meaningful content. It was about more than beautiful photos or engaging videos, but I was sharing my story using my own narrative all while inspiring women to do the same. 

Me showing up online authentically and transparently, literally changed my life. 

Those brand partnerships cultivated my niche of stellar storytelling and quality content creation. I’ve always had really good ideas, and I’ve never been afraid to be myself both on and offline. These two traits married turned out to be the recipe that would change my life. My love for content creation grew rapidly and before I knew I was gaining opportunities to not only create content for brands, but to develop content concepts, and strategies. The way I curated my personal brand grabbed the attention of my peers, and as they started businesses or brands I was asked to consult on their projects. 

If I’m being honest, this was a calling that I ignored for quite some time. 

I was so busy climbing the corporate ladder that I didn't realize my true purpose was to help people tell their stories and build their brands through content creation the same way I did. Me showing up online authentically and transparently, unlocked the ability for me to live my life on my own terms. After an endless cycle of being fired, laid off, and then fired again, 

Today is a full circle moment 

as I have the pleasure of using my industry knowledge and experience to serve you. With my“can’t stop won’t stop” attitude I am dedicated to helping you transform your digital identity one piece of content at a time! 
People always ask me about life mottos or words to live by, and there are so many good phrases that come to mind. But, I will say, life has taught me that 

The world truly opens up when you do!