A Cultured Excursion to Tulum Mexico

There isn’t a better place to be in the middle of January than off the Coast of Mexico in the beautiful city of Tulum! Over 4 days and 3 nights, I escaped the cold and dreary temperatures of New York City and enjoyed some sand, sun, and of course fun!



Lodging accommodations were provided by the beautiful La Zebra Beach Hotel. Located in the heart of Tulum, the boutique hotel served as a quaint, yet vibrant place to call home for a few days. Fully equipped with a bar, restaurant, spa, and pool, the amenities were endless.


Any one who truly knows me knows that Mexican Food is one of my top three favorite cuisines. Needless to say I overdosed on guacamole, quesadillas, and home made margaritas!

Sipping the tastiest, most refreshing pina colada ever crafted straight from a hand picked coconut! #Life

Shrimp Tacos at Gitano.


The Adventure

If you are ever in Tulum, you can not skip the opportunity to embark on the Ruin Tour. We enjoyed a 40 minute walking, (more like hiking) tour of the city’s most beautiful archaeological sites. Along the route, we were schooled on the Country’s history and wowed by the breath taking sites at the peak of the tour.

Next up…snorkeling with the turtles!

…and then Cave diving at the Cenote Dos Ojos.

The Squad

10 Degrees, 2 PHDs 3 Entrepreneurs, 6 Figure Salaries, 38 Countries Traveled….Translation ~ #BadAndBoujee

It was a time to remember in “The Navel of The Moon” – Mexico.

  1. Kieara says:

    I want to go to Tulum now

  2. Iriona Lucas says:

    Where did you guy get those swimsuits from???

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