5 Simple Things To-Do On Sunday To Prepare For The Week

I for one do not like my weekends filled with stuff To-Do!!! But lets be honest, Every Sunday can’t be “Funday”, and every Saturday can’t be Lazy.” Its so important to take time over the weekend to not only relax but also reset for the week ahead. I personally believe in soaking up every second of the weekend to mentally check out of your Monday-Friday routine. But spending a few productive minutes on Sunday night can help you ditch the anticipated case of theMonDaze” and kick start your week with a “Let’s do this attitude!”

They say a “Sunday well spent brings a week of content,” so here are…

5 Things To-Do on Sunday to Prepare for the Week:

1. Make a To-Do List

Pull out your Notes App on your cell phone or your favorite decorative note pad  and write down a list of things you’ve got to get done! Start by creating task, and setting one small goal to accomplish daily. Then write down one major goal you want to accomplish this week and set mini milestones to help achieve it.


2.Tidy Up a Bit!

Take time to declutter your space. I know first hand how difficult it can be to keep organized during a long work week. After meetings, running late, and a few last minute wardrobe changes, my apartment looks like it was hit by a tornado by Friday. However, I find it very difficult to be productive in a messy environment. Take a few minutes to put things back in order and you will be able to focus.


3: Schedule a Few Fun Plans

Your Monday-Friday routine should not be consumed with all work and no play. After all, life is about balance! Take time to schedule a happy hour or with friends after work. Theres nothing better than mid-week girl chat over a cocktail. By making plans, you’ll have  something fun to look forward to and you’re less stressed about all of the tasks you have to accomplish.


4: Think of The Little Things

Consider some of the small things that can help you have a more productive week. For some this can be meal prepping or outfit planning, for others this can be remembering to take vitamins or drinking more water. Whatever it is that will help you save more time in the mornings or be more efficient during the day, make sure to consider preparing for these things at the top of the week.



Sundays can sometimes be consumed with the anxiety of Monday and you find yourself missing out on the entire day. RELAX!!! Take time for some self-care, read a book, take a nap or binge watch your favorite series. Whatever you choose, be sure to take a breather and mentally disconnect.

Wishing you a dope-AF- kick- ass – kind of week! 🙂 


  1. Bianca says:

    I am the Queen of To-Do list, but I will try to relax this Sunday.

  2. Jeniese says:

    Yes!!! Sunday is my favorite day for renewal and getting ready for the week.

  3. Crystal Daniels says:

    I need to take all these tips to help prepare for the week ahead!

  4. Jami Jaye says:

    Lists and relaxation are my must haves!!

  5. I am about to get my life in order with this post! Thank you for the tips!

  6. Darlene says:

    Love, love, love this post!!

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