How To Wear a Romper in the Fall


No matter the season, reason, event, or even time of day, I just can not fight the urge to bare legs. Yes I am that girl who will opt for a dress over jeans in 40 degree temperatures. So naturally, I was ecstatic to see one my favorite summer trends stick around for fall. This romper will be on repeat this season. I am moderately obsessed with the plunging neck with a lace-up detail, the long bell sleeves, oh and of course, (for obvious reasons) the elasticized waist.

I have a few more rompers I plan to work into this season’s wardrobe. Here are three easy tips for wearing rompers in the fall!


Consider the Material. As much as we all love those light weight easy breezy summer fabrics, they just won’t work when it comes to staying warm this season. Fabrics like suede, knits, and wool blends are much more practical choices for your fall/winter wardrobe and they are oh so comfy!


Now this is the fun part! It is undisputed that the greatest accessories belong to fall. From fur collars to cardigans and ponchos, fall has all of the accessories to ad layers to any look. You’ll need to rely on more than just long sleeves to stay cozy, so throwing on an extra layer will do the trick.

Shoes Wisely

As much of a rule breaker as I consider myself to be, even I wouldn’t dare wear non fall appropriate shoes after September. (Well at least not with a romper ) Going for an over the knee boot compensates for those few missing inches that would normally be your pant leg. If an over the knee boot isn’t your style, (then you should change your style!, just kidding) then you can an opt for a bootie paired with high socks. The goal is warmth, however you choose to achieve it.



Poncho: Forever 21

Romper: Forever 21

Boots: Wendy Williams HSN 

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