Weekend Vibes Harlem Style


Weekends are typically reserved for rest and or fun and this weekend I was able to enjoy a bit of both. I love walking around and discovering the beautiful scenery that exist in my neighborhood. I reside in Harlem, and I’ve always wanted to live in this neighborhood ever since I knew I wanted to live in New York City. Why Harlem? Girl, I have no clue! Truth is I knew much of nothing about this town, except that the people traveled around through a whole in the ground. So I blindly chose to live in Harlem & its a decision I’ve grow to appreciate more each day. I love how the neighborhood is rich in culture. Its so LOUD, (literally and figuratively) that it serves as a canvas for creativity or the perfect backdrop for a photo.


I was inspired by these Painted beer Kegs lined on the sidewalk. Aside from the crafty art work, they stood out to me because they were in the way! Literally, the kegs took up more than half of the space on the sidewalk leaving very little room for people to walk by.  Much life fashion, (because fashion is art) street art tells a story. I describe my personal style as daring and self expressive. Something about these kegs and the way they were placed on the side walk yelled at me loudly, but loud as in expressive. Much like ME!


Brunch is one of my favorite things to do on the weekends, and Harlem features some of the best eateries. The girls and I ventured out for bottomless mimosas and Drake on repeat so Angel of Harlem was the perfect spot.


I  indulged over indulged in Shrimp & Grits of course! Sticking to my NOLA roots with a classic southern favorite.


Food, Fashion, & Fun, this is what weekends are made for!


Be in the way! 😉



Everything I am wearing I’ve had for years, but Ive managed to find a few similar pieces on the web.

Fedora: H&M

Top: similar Here & Here

Pants: similar Here

Jacket: similar Here

Shoes: similar Here

Hey Friends! This was one of my first of many posts that encompasses what Model May I is all about. Beauty, Life, & Style. “Living you best Model Life!”

I want to share more with YOU, my virtual friends. Do me a favor and leave me your feedback below!

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  1. A says:

    I say stick to your outfits and also of course keep that beautiful natural hair of yours going, cos i like the outfits you do- and talking of which i was COMPLETELY distracted by your instagram picture at the side of the page (the first costume) SHEEEEEEEshhh…DAM LADY!!! WOW. You look GOOD!! I mean you look BAD!!! lol that is beyond sexy! That top and those legs…Id hire you thats for sure…Not sure i can pay you much though- think i would have to quit my job and stay home…
    Ok sorry…time to calm down…
    Looking forward to seeing that outfit on the blog! 😉 😉 x x x

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