Winter Time Cold







Heard your winter time cold shawty fall through – Bad by Wale


I’m hearing that this is the coldest winter ever! Seeing that this is my first winter living in New York City this is by far my coldest winter ever. But even New Yorkers are saying they haven’t experienced extreme temperatures and heavy snow like this in years. People hate it! I on the other hand don’t mind it. My mother tells me I’ve always been fascinated with the snow since a little girl and I guess that carried over into my adulthood.

This is literally like the 10th time it has snowed this winter and I find that on cold days people don’t really take the time to get dressed. I’m sometimes guilty of it myself. But today I wanted to look like the sunshine in the middle of a snow storm.

Katy Perry’s hit song “Eye of the Tiger” is one of my favorite songs of all time. The lyrics really speak volumes to my life and it was the inspiration behind this look. Cheetah print and red is one of my favorite print and color combinations so I decided to mix a bunch of cheetah print patterns together. Sometimes its all about getting in your closet and playing around. One of my favorite things about style is that it evolves as you continue to evolve. Cheetah has always been one of my favorite prints, but there was a time when I thought too much of it was overwhelming. But for this “print party” I think it worked out nicely. What do you think?









Coat: Burlington Coat Factory

Blazer: Target

Sweater: Kohls 

Skirt: Moda Express

Shoes: Charlotte Russe  (OLD)

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