Travel Diary: Turks & Caicos

One of the many things on my Summer 17 to do list included traveling. Lately I’ve been crossing Islands & Beach destinations  off my list. So, next stop, the gorgeous Turks & Caicos Islands!

Know before you go:

  • Turks & Caicos isn’t your cheap tropical get away. The island can be very expensive, so girls gather your coins!  A 12% Service & or Resort Fee is included on every restaurant tab. (This does not include Tip)  A lot of things you want to do will be in walking distance however when venturing out, local taxis are the main mode of transportation on the island. Rides as short as 15 minutes away can cost $45 dollars. Of course you can always negotiate, but be prepared for less than budget friendly fares.
  • The locals in Turks & Caicos are very care free,  easy going, and hospitable. The island vibes call for a very laid back way of life, so don’t expect rapid service and extended business hours. In fact most tourist attractions are closed by 5pm and most restaurants are closed by 10pm. There is no alcohol sold in stores on Sunday, so be prepared to bring your own booze to the beach.
  • If you are the adventurous type and you want to participate in activities, I advise booking weeks ahead of your trip. Most of the activities such as snorkeling and horse back riding are fully booked weeks in advance.


We lodged at the Ports of Call Resort located in the center of Grace Bay. Just a 5 minute walk from Grace Bay Beach, this hotel was in perfect proximity of everything. Not your classic luxurious resort, but simplistic and equipped with everything we needed. Mornings included complimentary breakfast, and the extended pool hours are perfect for a night cap.


When visiting Turks & Caicos you must dine at the world famous Crack Pot Kitchen. I use the the description world famous because this place comes highly recommended. The menu features Island Cuisine with (in my opinion) a southern twist. If you’re looking for excellent food and great atmosphere Crack Pot Kitchen is the place to be. The head Chef and restaurant owner also has a personality that is sure to keep you entertained.

The World Famous Celebrity Chef Nick

For more of a fine dining experience take a stroll down to CoCo Bistro. The 5 Star restaurant is amidst the largest palm grove on the island of Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos Islands. The atmosphere is beautiful featuring a starlit sky and swaying coconut palms. Complementing the delightful island ambience is a culinary experience considered among the best in Turks and Caicos.

Bugaloo’s Crunch Crawl is the islands’s most popular restaurant tourist attraction. If you visit during the day, you will dine while seated in the ocean as the the chef fetches fresh conch out of the water right before your eyes. Located beach side, at night the restaurant features live music and dancing along with a complementary Island Breeze.


Of all the places I’ve traveled to, of all the islands, and beach towns I’ve visited, Turks & Caicos by far has the most beautiful beaches. The little taste of Paradise features miles of warm sand, and water so clear that you can see your entire body through it. We spent most of our time at Grace Bay Beach where the clear skies allow for the perfect beach sunset.


See’n & Do’n 

Turks & Caicos is not your non stop fun, sleep deprived vacation destination. In fact the Island is rather quiet and peaceful. Get up and get out early to take full advantage of the to-dos around the island.

Take a visit to the Coconut Shack located at the Seven Star Resort.

The Snorkeling and Island hoping excursion was one of the highlights of my visit. The 5 hour tour features snorkeling in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, two stops at other Turks and Caicos Islands, unlimited rum punch and lunch!  Along the way, the guide also shares fun facts about the history of the islands.


As I mentioned above, Turks & Caicos isn’t the destination for you if you are seeking a non-stop partying vacation. However, the island provides a sweet escape that will allow you to “just be.” I enjoyed relaxing, reading, and partaking in a bit of self care. A part of self love is making you a priority. Be good to yourself… treat yourself… spoil yourself… love yourself!

Until Next Time Turks & Caicos…

  1. Erin says:

    I’m going there in April! This was really helpful!

  2. Candace says:

    Very Very Insightful!! Thank you!!

  3. Very nice job Kala. I’m sharing this with some friends who might be willing to help fund your adventure!!!

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