Day Trip to Baltimore

I am the girl who is always down for a quick get away, even if its only for 24hrs. Over the weekend I ventured out to Baltimore, Maryland to celebrate love with my friend and Bride to be Ty Alexander. Of all the places I visited, both national and international, can you believe I’ve never been to Baltimore? Weird,I know. Well my friend is getting married so this definitely calls for a visit!

The Bridal Shower venue was a cute restaurant named Home Maid, a breakfast and brunch eatery featuring cuisine made from scratch. I selected the Shrimp and Grits as my entre and they were mmm mmm good!

After consuming a belly full of goodness, of course the next order of business would be a photo shoot starring the bride to be!

Naturally when a magical black girl embarks on a major life event her back girl tribe flocks to support her. So of course familiar faces and friends were in attendance too. It was so refreshing to chit chat with friends and just effortlessly, live fabulously, unapologetically black, happy, and magical AF!

(Dani & Shamika)


Whats the one thing every bride needs on her wedding night? A stylish carry on to pack her unmentionables as she jets to her honeymoon destination.

Look at that smile, she loved her gift! đŸ™‚

The room was filled with laughter and love and I couldn’t help but to look around and find myself simply over joyed!

After the Bridal shower we retired to the Bride Tribe cave (Ty’s Bride’s Maids Headquarters) for cocktails and a beautiful evening sunset.

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