shades of grey…


In New York City when there is a prediction of a blizzard, snow talk is all the rage. For a week leading up to the storm people were making plans on what food they were going to stock up on, which boo they were inviting over, and what show they were going to binge watch during #NetflixAndChill.

Me? Well, I was planning my outfit. While everyone is tucked safely under their cover, I’m outside with the other like minded individuals (5 year playing in the snow!

Or should I say “slaying in the snow!” 

(Yes, thou shall gas thy self!)

Wearing different shades of one color is a favorite style trends of mine. It really challenges your ability to put a flattering look together without letting the color be too overwhelming. This look features two of my favorite Fall/Winter accessory pieces, a faux fur vest and a floppy hat. Letting those two fun pieces be the attention grabber, I combined them with a simple crop top and jegging.  Layering it on with another shade of grey, I reached for a long line overcoat. Comfort is of course a must when treading through the snow, so my last “shade of grey” features my go to pair of knew high boots.

Are you getting in on the “shades of (insert color) trend?”

Which color will you choose?




Hat: Target similar here | Crop Top: Forever 21 

Jeans: Forever 21 similar here

Coat: Thrifted similar option here

Vest: Ashley Stewart (Last Season) Love this option here

Boots: Shoptiques


live you best model life

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