My Top 3 Purple Lipsticks! |Matte, Metallic, Deep Purple!

Purple is my absolute favorite shade of lipstick and if you follow me on Snap Chat, you know this already! And if you don’t follow me on Snap Chat, you SHOULD!

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These are my Top 3 Purple Lipsticks! I’ve included three different shades including a soft light shade, a medium metallic tone, and a deep purple.

Here Im wearing a  mix of “Moon Walk” & “Purple Reign,” creating a cool Ombre look which is so on trend.

light purple

I love when a lipstick wears true to color. So often I purchase a new lippie, and it is not the true color once applied to my lips. (Ugh! This really grinds my gears!)

“Moon Walk” is an exact match on the lips and in the tube.
moon walk lips

“Moon Walk & “Purple Reign” by Made By Duchii

You can also purchase via email

bam 2

“Bam!” by Magnolia Make Up

This is one of my favorite go to purple lipsticks. I love the matte finish and the metallic

dark purple

Im a sucker for a dark lip and especially a deep purple. Cyber never fails me!

“Cyber” by Mac

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