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I know what you are thinking, “this girl  loves color, yet she’s standing there colorless.” Im always talking about how to incorporate color in your wardrobe, but one of my favorite color combinations is black and white. Its simplicity at its best. The thing I love most about black and white is that its classic! It never goes out of style, and its always in season. I like to call it timeless.  Black and white can also be paired with any color you can think of.

Now on to what inspired this look. Do you remember Robin Thicke’s VMA performance? Well I wore these pants just days after it happened. When I walked into the office my boss yells “OK ROBIN THICKE.” Of course I thought it was hilarious, but yet special because Robin THICK is one of my sorority line names.  So I am forever referring to these as my “Robin THICK” pants.

I think women, specifically plus size women sometimes avoid wearing stripes. and BOLD stripes at that. And Ill admit I took a risk here, and I loved it! The pants were very fitting. The black and white top with peplum sides is actually a dress I wore as a top. I tucked it in and folded it over. I didn’t like the way it fitted as a dress, and I thought about sending it back. But it was my mother who said “no, keep it! You’ll find something to do with it,” and she was right. I guess its true what they say, “mama knows best.”

I accessorized with black and silver necklace and a black and white hand bag.

Camera 360

At the foot I went with a black pointy toe pump with a silver bullet toe. This look is one of my all time favorites. You will definitely  see everything pictured here again. They are timeless! Camera 360Camera 360Camera 360PhotoGrid_1380896401742Camera 360

Dress/ Top:


Pants: Charm

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Shoes: DSW

Necklace: Bakers

Purse: Forever 21

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