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“Fashion is a Form of Freedom, Style is how you choose to express that freedom “- Kala Raquel 

I didn’t become plus size until I was a teenager, but I’ve always been tall. For the longest it bothered me, especially when we were forced to line up by height in elementary school.  I was as always last, and sometimes felt like an outcast.  Thank God those days are over. It wasn’t long before I began to embrace my height. I like the fact that I STAND OUT among the crowd. At 5’9, I am always in heels when I go out, regardless of what people say. I always hear how tall girls shouldn’t wear heels, blah blah blah…  I couldn’t disagree more. Why should I not strut in the greatest accessory known to man just because I’m tall!!! PLEASE! In the words of NeNe Leakes, “I am Team Tall Hunny,”

There are so many benefits that come with being tall, one being how good you look in long skirts and dresses. This ankle length leopard print skirt was a perfect fit for my long legs.  Leopard is one of my favorite prints, but this dark pattern is a first for me.


Its still pretty comfortable outside, so I paired it with a light weight fringe cardigan. Fringe is a summer trend that has definitely carried over to fall. I wore one of my favorite pair of classic black pumps. Yup I wore a five inch pump despite the fact that I’m already tall. I chose to wear heels with this look because it elongated my legs which complemented the lengthy skirt.

Tell me what you think! Should tall girls wear heels? Share your thoughts in the poll below. IMAG0192_1 IMG_20131017_102443IMG_20131017_102541IMG_20131017_102443

Skirt: Thrifted

Cardigan: Forever 21

Shoes: BCBG

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  1. Jaela says:

    Thank you so much for visiting and commenting on my blog. I love your style as well, so chic

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