Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint Review

I think we’ve all patiently awaited the arrival of the highly anticipated STUNNA red lip paint by Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty. Red lipstick is a beauty bag staple, I keep at least one in my purse at all times. However, finding a red that complements your skin tone can be a bit of a challenge. At first glance I absolutely love the packaging, it is so luxe and definitely a stand out from other lipstick tubes. I also love that you can see the shade without having to open the package. If you haven’t yet decided if you should buy, here are: 3 points to help you decide if you want to
STUNT or nah! 
1. Highly Pigmented & Not Drying 
Referring to this as lip paint instead of lipstick was the perfect choice of words to describe the formula because it is indeed very similar to paint. It is highly pigmented and a true RED. With just one stroke you instantly see its true color.  It’s tricky to achieve a highly pigmented matte formula that does not dry out your lips, but STUNNA got it right. My lips remained moisturized and I did’nt experience any peeling once removing the lip paint.

2. Amazing Applicator & A Little Goes A Long Way 
With just one dip of the applicator you can fully cover your entire top and bottom lip with product. A little goes a long way and you get the most use out of the entire tube. How many times have you had to go in with a makeup wipe and clean up after going outside of your lip lines? Too many!, Right? Well STUNNA provides a fix. The precision tip applicator is such a subtle yet thoughtful touch because it allows for easy application for all lip shapes.
3. Long Wear
Us girls carry the shade of choice for the day in our beauty bags for the purpose of reapplying. But lets be honest, it would be nice to have one less thing you need to do when touching up your make-up. I wore this lipstick all day for about 8 hrs and I didn’t reapply not one time. The trouble with most matte lippies is that they do not provide flawless long wear. Through, eating talking, and drinking, this lip paint did not fade and it remained smudge free.

Sooooo…are you a STUNNA or nah? 


  1. Neti says:

    Your face is FLAWLESS. . . Ri Ri owes you a commission cause you wear this lippie so very well.


  2. robin says:

    YOU LOOK HAWT!!! That lippie is werking…

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