3 Ways to Finish Strong in 2017


Can you believe we are officially in the last month of 2017? Seriously, where has the year gone? Everyone has already began organizing their 2018 goals and the last month of the year has become strictly dedicated to the first month of next year. If you are like me, then you are already feeling the pressure to also get a jumpstart on preparing and planning for 2018. But, what about “The Now?” The most unappreciated time is the present. We are constantly reflecting on the past and preparing for the future.

When you began listing out your goals for the year 2017, Im sure you didn’t omit the month of December. With 31 days left in 2017, lets not get carried away with anticipating the new year just yet. Its time to focus on “The Now” and finish this year strong.



NUMBER 1: Review Your list of 2017 Goals & EDIT your timeline! 

As I spend time with many of my friends, naturally the topic of life goals is bound to come up. Many of them express their frustrations about not accomplishing certain goals by a certain time. Im not sure who created this unwritten timeline that outlines what you should accomplish by a certain age, but this concept needs to eliminated! The beautiful thing about having a timeline is that you control the edits. You are the manager, producer, and editor of your life. If you don’t meet a deadline you’ve set for yourself simply go back and edit the timeline. There are some things on your 2017 goal list that you may have given up on because you didn’t accomplish them by the original due date. Review & revise your list to figure out what can be done during the remainder of this year before jumping into your 2018 timeline.

NUMBER 2: Finish What You Started!

Lets be honest, by this time of the year many of the goals we originally set have fell second to other priorities. Take the time to revisit some of those goals and finish what you started. We often start the year off strong but some where down the line we lose momentum. Im sure there are only a few more steps or task to complete before you can scratch some things off your 2017 list. Dive back in there and Finish Strong!

NUMBER 3: Drown out the noise!

Eliminate distractions by drowning out the back ground noise in your life. So often we get caught up in what everyone else is doing, and we begin to mirror our lives based on theirs. Comparison is the thief of all joy. Whether its taking a break from social media, or making more time for self-care, do something that will help you focus on what YOU need to accomplish.


And remember…



  1. Yes I was JUST talking about finishing December STRONG!! Trying to get the last of 2017 goals completed!!

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