Vitamin D saves lives…


From the title of this post, you are probably thinking I am about to offer some life saving information…well, not exactly. According to the professionals, the sun is a proven source of Vitamin D, and who am I to not obey the doctor’s orders. A smart girl always takes her vitamins, even if they come in the form of crop tops and swimsuits. Swimsuit season is officially here, and I plan on getting an extra dosage of Vitamin D by wearing everyone two piece I can get my hands on. I usually shop for stylish plus size swimwear online. But this season, in addition to online shopping, I decided to take a traditional approach and hit the stores. To my surprise I stumbled upon this gorgeous leopard bikini and fell in love! You all know how obsessed I am with leopard print, so it was no doubt this set was coming home with me.  This summer I encourage you to shop around,  put on a swim suit, and get you some Vitamin D! I know ill be soaking it up!



Swim Suit: Burlington Coat Factory (In Store)

Check out some online options here & shop some of my favorite leopard print swimsuits below.

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