Thrifted Treasures: 5 Thrift Shopping Tricks & Tips

IMG_4050Your next favorite fashion find is probably hiding just a couple of blocks away at your local Thrift Store. Thrifting is one of my favorite past times, and I have my grandma to thank for turning me on to the trendy bargain shopping. I love browsing the racks and digging for those hidden treasures. I am always so surprised at the trendy things I find for a price that makes you want to run a lap! (& I never run…unless of course, I’m being chased. Haha!) I stumbled upon this vintage two piece set and fell in love. The paisley print gives me a retro feel and the fit is perfect for twirling around the city on a summer day.  Two piece sets are so on trend and I snagged this one for only $10. I know thrifting can be intimidating, and exhausting if you prefer traditional shopping, but I urge you to give it a try.

5 Thrift Shopping Tricks & Tips:

Visit often: Thrift stores don’t put in regular orders or carry standard merchandise. What’s available depends on what has been brought in most recently. Find out the days and times your thrift store restocks its shelves to get first dibs on all the latest items.

Check the back racks. Unlike a traditional retail environment, thrift stores don’t typically carry multiples of an item. Some of the best pieces may be on the racks at the back of the store near the dressing rooms. These items have already been searched out and deemed valuable enough to try on. Just because they weren’t a good fit for the person who originally found them doesn’t mean they won’t work for you.

Dress appropriately to Try things on. : Not all thrift stores have dressing rooms so be sure to wear tight fitting clothing so you can try on pieces over what you’re already wearing.

Shop off season. Just like in traditional retail, the best prices typically come at the end of a season. Go thrifting right after peak time when everyone clears out their closets.  You should shop for boots and jackets in April and beachy sundresses in September.

Consider the neighborhood. Thrift store inventory comes from the surrounding neighborhood, so shop in places where you admire the style. For instance, New Yorkers looking for hip and trendy should try Brooklyn, but for chic and classic, the Upper East Side of Manhattan will probably be a better fit.




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