The Truth About Blogging

True Life: I am a Blogger & 9-5er 

Its Monday Morning, the time is 8:49 am and the train you just missed by a mere 30 seconds will now be the reason you arrive to your office at 9:07! #Late  Sound familiar?  So many of us dreadfully clock into a routine desk job week after week while hoping and praying that our “side hustles” soon become profitable careers.

Life is about balance and If you are like me then you too sometimes struggle to balance between your Personal Passion & Full Time job, or as I like to say your 9-5. While my blog is a source of income, it is not enough to sustain my lifestyle….YET!  So, like many millennial Americans, I hustle! My professional background is in Digital Media & Television Production. I received my Bachelors in Broadcast Television from Clark Atlanta University, so naturally my days are spent creating content as a Digital Producer.

Although my job isn’t dreadful, it simply isn’t fulfilling. It is my work as an influencer and content creator that makes my soul glow!

But, we are all just working that 9-5 trying to stay alive, and I figured out am figuring out how to balance them both. Let me be the first to confess… This ish ain’t easy! Lunch breaks become photo shoots, 5 am editing sessions become routine, and company conference rooms become you personal office.

Along the way I’ve learned a few tips and tricks to help me navigate the road to entrepreneurship.

Plan Accordingly: My days, weeks, months, and years are much more productive when I plan ahead. As a content creator, its imperative that I do not rush through the creative process. Creating a weekly calendar provides an overview of the goals that need to be accomplished. Ultimately, this allows for time to be allocated properly. Which brings me to my next point.

Use Your Time Wisely:  Learning how to Multi-Task will be your saving grace. I will not lie…THIS is my biggest struggle, but I’ve learned that using those small pockets of time can alleviate so much stress.  Drafting emails, writing blog posts, and making your to-do list on the train for example saves you time. Completing small task that don’t require your undivided attention will save you time later in the day to focus on bigger “to-dos.”

Sacrifice:  You will miss major events, you will lose sleep, and you will sometimes question if you are doing the right thing. But it will be worth it. Investing time, money, and energy into your personal passion will be the biggest yet most rewarding sacrifice you will make.

Hustle Hard. 





  1. Neti says:

    Hustle and make everyday count my dear. HUSTLE!!

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