Street Style

Fashion is made to become unfashionable.
Coco Chanel 


A girl has got to come down out of those heels, SOMETIMES! Street style is a huge form of expression. Many designers admit that their creations are inspired by what they see everyday on the street. This can range from graffiti, to buildings and even music.  I chose to use the quote above because it was once considered unfashionable to just throw anything on. But today dressing how you feel is a popular trend, and I personally believe it creates the best personal style.

Over the weekend I went back to Atlanta for my first Homecoming as a alumni. I had an early flight and wanted to be cute, yet comfortable. I also wanted to be dressed for a day of hanging out. This look was “mod” inspired.  As you all know I am no stranger to mixing prints, so I decided to pair vertical stripes with box print. I think it gave my look a more “street” feel.

To add a bit more edge, I completed my “street style” with a pair of lace up combat boots. They are extremely comfortable and have a three inch thick rubber heel. I just couldn’t be completely flat footed. I will definitely be wearing these all fall and throughout the winter.


I’ve never been into hats, mainly because my head is so big and they rarely fit. But this hat was the first piece I bought for this look.

Lately I’ve been finding ways to incorporate hats into my wardrobe. I think they will be my favorite fall accessory!

What will be your?

IMAG0255 IMAG0257 IMAG0261IMAG0269

Hat: Prima Donna (I purchased it at the NY Store)

Shop online here!

Leggings: Forever21+

Cardigan: NYC Thrift

Boots: Rainbow

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