Say It with Your chest…


Whats the perfect way to express yourself without saying a word? A Graphic Tee, duh! Basic Tees are a long time wardrobe staple of the effortlessly chic. But lets be honest, I am not the “T-Shirt” kind of girl. I myself prefer to jazz things us a bit on the regular. However, a head turning, thought provoking, or just out right hilarious Graphic Tee is something I keep in the back of my closet for those casual days. In fact I’ve become moderately obsessed with collecting them, and not to mention they are a great conversation starters.  From a style perspective, you can do so much with a Tee, dressing it up or down to reflect your own personal style. Of course I had to add this one to my collection and the reason is self explanatory! #BlackGirlMagic




Tank: Here & Here

Shirt: Old similar here & here

  1. A says:

    Your chest would be head turning even if you had nothing printed on this top. You look gorgeous. I really like your makeup too, you look so beautiful and that hair, dayum u look pretty. x x 😉

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