Outfit Transition: From Fall to Spring

I love buying clothes that are winter summer versitile. I’ve never been the type to store away clothes during the transitioning of seasons. I prefer items that can work in any season.  Its the simple accessories that can help you transform any look. If you follow my blog you remember this look from the “It Doesn’t Matter if your Black or White” post. The classic black and white striped dress is one of my favorites. When I wore it in the Fall, I paired it with a blazer and leggings. If you are like me, then you hate wearing closed toe shoes during the cold months. Its my mission to find comfortable fashion forward flats. I grabbed these pewter loafers from http://ashleystewart.com/

For this look I grabbed a pair of black tights and threw on a classic blazer to help fight the wind.



When I wore the dress in the spring, I simply removed the tights and blazer, and added sandals in place of the loafers! 

Its the simple and quick changes that can make any look versatile enough to work in any season!


  1. Woa I totally fell in love with your outfits and your style! Looking forward to read more posts from you! Followed 🙂

  2. Love the transition – awesome styling advice!

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