I Wear What I Want.

I wear what I want

How many times have you walked into a store and saw something you instantly fell in love with?  How soon after that reaction did you begin to question “hmm should I wear that?” or even “can I wear that?”


Regardless of what society has to say about full figured women and what we should or shouldn’t wear, I believe you should “Wear What YOU Want!” From crop tops to horizontal stripes, sleeveless tees, and even bikinis, I’ve broken all those rules.








 Plus size women shouldn’t subject themselves to mainstream fashion’s definition of what is appropriate. What’s “appropriate” for me to wear is determined by ME!

When asked to describe my style I always reply, “Its simple, I Wear What I Want.” One of my favorite rebellious items is a crop top, and I am obsessed with statement pieces. So there was no hesitation when I spotted this statement making crop top!


So here I stand, not only wearing a crop top, but horizontal stripes and awkwardly mixed prints as well. How’s that for breaking all the rules!

People always ask me, “What makes you so confident?” Simply put I have a great sense of self and I know who I am!



kala ftf



People love when you love who you are!

 Love your curves, embody your confidence, be daring, be rebellious, take risk and “Wear What You Want!”



Crop Top: Feminine Funk

Shirt: Fashion To Figure

Shoes: Torrid 

  1. My Kurves says:

    I agree. . .wear what you want and enjoy it all!!

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