I Have It All!

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People seem to think I have it all together and yep, I do! Ummmm NOT! Do you sometimes have thoughts of not being good enough? Do you ever feel like you just don’t measure up? That’s self doubt speaking! It’s a recessive gene that lies deep within all of us, and sometimes it shows up at the absolute worst times. One of my favorite quotes reads, “If your dreams don’t scare, then they aren’t big enough!” So, “scared” can be a good emotion. However, sometimes, these emotions leave us worrying, and we forget that we in fact “have it all!” All of the tools and ambition we need to accomplish our goals already exist within us, we just have to tap into them. When people think of “having it all,” they usually think of trivial things. Such as, having the perfect job, the dream house, great finances, and wonderful relationships. But sometimes having it all is not about having things with monetary value. It is actually the things that have mystical value that matter the most. We all “have it all” in our own ways. Its about figuring what your “all” is. These are three things that matter most to me.

Faith: I believe that I will have everything my heart desires.

Fearless: I rid myself of self-doubt, and approach everything with a positive attitude.

Free: I am open to all the endless possibilities of life.

With my faith, I am fearless, and without fear I am Free! So I may not have it all together, but I have it All!

And so do you! Whats your “all?” 

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