Dress How You Want to be Addressed

I love to attend events. From empowerment conferences to music festivals, happy hours, and even meet and greets, Im always excited when there is an opportunity to embrace new people. But how many times have you been in a room surrounded by people and felt out of place? Admittedly, I’ve looked around the room during certain events and uttered to myself “what am I doing here?!” These rooms have been filled with industry peers, people I’ve admired, and even those I’ve dreamed of meeting. Yet, that sneaky self doubt would set in as I began to question my purpose for being in the room.

Over the years as I became more confident in my skin and more experimental with my personal style, I began to dress how I wanted to be addressed. Style for me has always been about so much more than the clothes themselves, but more about the feeling that I get when I look good. When I get dressed it makes me feel good, it makes me confident, and it makes me more assertive. But, most importantly when in these spaces it reassures me that I belong there. So I get dressed, I take up space, and I lead with the confidence of knowing I belong in whatever room I walk into… and so do you!


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