Let’s keep it real: Sadly “Summa 16″ is swiftly coming to an end. Bummer I know! Ugh.

But I am using these last few weeks to sport some of my favorite summer trends. One of those trends being the monochrome madness, that is wearing all one color. Wearing all one color is not exclusive to black or white, and I decided to let the world (well not the world, just New York City) know that when I dashed out of my apartment wearing Blush Pink. Daring… Right! 

Why should you wear all one color!? Well frankly I don’t know why you should, but for me its because I’m lazy, and this makes it easier to get dressed in the morning! I managed to accomplish 3 of my favorite trends in one look. #SheDidThat

3 Reasons why this one of my favorite looks of Summa 16:

1. Culottes were and still are a summer wardrobe staple. They are just cool! Simplistic and comfortable.

2. What is summer without CROP TOPS!? Mixing two of my favorite trends in one, I knotted my tunic to create a crop top illusion.

3. Matching Sets: This is a trend I just can not get enough of! Im sorry but I just cant! They are a bold statement making must have, and as y’all know I am always here for Bold Statements.

This outfit has me blushing and this summer has me blushing!

Oh what a great summer it has been!blush emoji





Pants: ASOS

Shoes: Similar here

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