Blizzard Bliss!

DSC_0937I love when I find stylish pieces in different places, and they come together perfectly! It really makes me fell accomplished. This is the second look of my “Leopard Lover” series and its a true representation of how I get dressed.  I began putting pieces together and noticed that the leopard trimming featured on the hat and gloves match my pants perfectly. It was a great to accessorize using detail. With so many different leopard prints and designs, finding an exact match is a rarity, so I got lucky!

Can we have a round of applause for this fabulous fur coat! Everything about it screams ‘Ol Hollywood Glam!” Its such a representation of my personality. If you are a fan of the new show “Empire” then you’d say Im channeling my inner “Cookie Lion!”

The snow set the perfect scene for my “Blizzard Bliss!” Yall know it makes me so Happy!

Stay Warm!








Hat: Thrifted

Coat: Thrifted

Sweater: H&M

Pants: Ashley Stewart

Boots: DSW



  1. Great look, but way too cold outside for me!! You’re a champion! 🙂

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