Because I Can


Here I stand breaking not one, not two, but three, yes THREE rules! All white after Labor Day, a crop top, and an attitude. Why? “Because I can!”

Gone are the days when wearing white after Labor Day is unacceptable. White is a color that says I am powerful,classy, and confident! White is timeless and should be worn all year long. During the fall and winter, I believe it’s all about texture. Trade in the white linen pants for denim or cotton bottoms.  And pair your white with light  colors that complement the earth tones of the season.  I highlighted my look with 50 layers of Beige. From cognac to camel, tan and even butter scotch, the beige color wheel has so many rich tones to choose from.








Crop Top: Charlotte Russe

Pants: Lane Bryant

Vest: Mystique Boutique 

Blazer :Thrifted

Shoes: DSW


  1. Janee says:

    baby girl you are EVERYTHING!

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