After a long harsh winter, and a canceled trip to Miami earlier this year, the only thing I’ve been screaming is “BEACH PLEASE!”  I am a Pisces and a true water sign at heart. Ever since a little girl, I’ve always loved the water. The sand between my toes, the sun beaming on my back, and the wind blowing a cool Cali breeze is all a girl really needs.  Ahhh this is the life! While hanging out west, I journeyed to Malibu for a little sightseeing.  The beaches in California are beautiful. The water is a bit chilly, but the breath taking mountain views make up for it.

You guys know that my favorite color combination is black and white. So of course this swim suit was a must have. I’m so grateful for Plus Size Swim collections that get it right! A flattering fit, bold designs and lively colors are a win for the beach!

With so much pressure to have a “Beach Body,” I was inspired to name this post “BEACH PLEASE!” And of course, the title of this post has a double meaning. 😉  Every body is a “beach body!” I spent years of my life in one piece bathing suits and cover ups! Now I can stand here and not only be comfortable in my own skin, but I can “Live a life without limits!” So for those who have a negative opinion about my confidence and the celebration of my size,







“Live a life without limits!”

Swimsuit: Gabi Fresh Swim Suits For All 

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