Back to My Roots!

DSC_0057 copy.jpgBack to my Roots!

This has been a long time coming! Growing up I was the little girl who despised weave, I mean hated it! I vowed to never get “that mess” in my hair. Little did I know “that mess,” would become apart of me, almost included in my identity.  I began my natural hair journey in 2009.  It was by no means my intention to go natural, it sorta of just happened! It was my senior year of high school and my mother finally allowed me to wear extensions. As I entered college I got sew in, after sew in, after sew in! Eventually my hair began to transition to its natural state. By the time I graduated I was completely freed form the “creamy crack.” But I was still weaving it up, or as I like to say 18’ 20’ 22’-ing it. There were times in between sew ins that I wanted to wear my natural hair, but honestly I just couldn’t face it. I would literally look into the mirror and not feel pretty. It had become a part of me that I didn’t feel complete without & that’s when I knew something had to change!

It was a year ago when I installed my last sew in, and I haven’t relapsed since!

So what came over me? Honestly I have no idea, I was just over it! But I can tell you it’s one of the most liberating things I’ve ever done!

So Let’s get to the root of the problem…since “my roots are the problem.”


A few months ago while shopping there were two young girls standing behind me. There were between the age’s of 10 and 12. One of the girls was more outspoken and had a more dominate personality than the other, she was more like the leader of the two. They were simply being girls talking about which clothes were cute, giggling and whispering, you know, normal kid stuff.  And then… this happened!

The less vocal girl said to the “leader,” “do you like her hair?” (Now, at the time my back was to them, but I knew she was referring to me.)The leader responded, “Ewwwww NO!” I immediately turned around and gave her that “I hear you face,” and the two laughed and walked away.

This broke my heart! Not because it hurt my feelings or made me feel less confident, because I know I’m fabulous! 🙂

But it broke my heart because she couldn’t look at me and see herself. Not only did she not identify with my hair, but she was disgusted by it. But then again how can I blame her? Just a year ago I felt similarly about my self. In that moment I realized that that little girl represents so many others who don’t find beauty in their natural selves. This depiction of self-hatred begins so young. I myself was cursed by the “creamy crack,” at age 5.

I remember walking out of that store thinking, this little girl looks and at me and its “ewww” she sees, but underneath that “Just for me,” she looks just like me!

I’ve always wanted to open up about my journey, and those two young girls motivated me the most!

By no means am I swearing off weave. I still think it a gorgeous accessory. But, it becomes a problem when the accessory becomes a necessity.

I never knew there would be a day when I would fully embrace my natural. My kinks and curls truly make me happy, and I’ve never felt more beautiful being naturally me. Thank you to those who encouraged me to embrace my natural hair and who constantly tell me how much they love it.

It was never in my plan to incorporate natural hair blogging in my life, but you guys have inspired me to do so! My Blog is centered are around beauty life and style, and my hair, or “Fro” as I have affectionately named her represents all three! It is natural beauty that’s a part of my life, and it compliments my style.

I know this isn’t your typical product post filled with styling techniques, but I wanted my first natural hair post to be meaningful and deeply rooted!

Embrace who you truly are, get “back to your roots!”



DSC_0086 copy.jpg





Editor’s note: Style tips, product reviews and much more is to come! But as a little sneak peak I’ll answer the most popular question about my hair. “What color red is that?”

Its Magenta by L’Oreal Hi Color

  1. Neti* says:

    You are Unique & Fabulous. This is a great post. & I really love the hair!!

  2. naturallymia says:

    I love this. It truly saddens me as well when it is our own people who find a problem with our hair…that is just like theirs, their mammas, etc,etc. Today as I was rocking my out of control fro, I looked down and noticed a young girl staring at it…when we met eyes….she had the biggest, purest smile. I know I can read too much into things, but I got from that the total opposite you got from those young girls. She was glad to see another confident black woman, with her hair.

  3. etherealseas says:

    Beautiful! Its sad to see the younger generation act that way.

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