5 Beauty Essentials to Pack in your Carry On

As much as I love to use the hashtag #WheelsUp, I must admit, traveling can sometimes be such a hassle!  From delays, to  over weight luggage, and angry TSA employees tossing your never opened $50 moisturizer, I know all too well about the frustrations of Jet Setting!  As if the anxiety of the airport isn’t enough, I have this weird paranoia about arriving to my destination and my bags not arriving with me. Eeek!
God forbid this ever happens to me, or you but just in case….. here are
5 Beauty Essentials to Pack in your Carry On
1. A product that is multifunctional!

A product that features “Head to Toe”  usage will definitely come in handy during or after a long flight. The Shea Moisture Monoi oil has become my go-to. Its rich in Vitamin E and leaves the skin feeling so soft and looking so radiant. Use it on your face, in you hair…everywhere!

 2. Your Favorite Nude or Neutral Lipstick 

Keeping a “this one never fails me”  lipstick in arms reach is one of the keys to life!  Well maybe not life, (That was a bit dramatic.)  But, you get the point. You never know when you may need to deplane and get straight to your plans with little to no time to apply make up. A quick lippie application easily enhances your facial features. The “Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick”  is one of my favorites.  Its long lasting, so one application should keep your lipstick popping all day! (Or at least long enough for the airline to recover your lost baggage.)
3. Moisturize is a Must 

A change in climate and altitude can have harsh effects on your skin. You will need a good moisturizer to keep your skin soft and radiant. This one is my absolute favorite product in my beauty bag and it  doubles as sunscreen too! #Score
4.  Tame the Tresses 

Haircare is an essential part of traveling. How should you style it?  Which products should you pac? & How will you maintain it while away? These are all questions running through your mind as you toss items into your bag. My suggestion is to take along a travel size of your go-to hair care product. I use the “Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie” and as an added bonus samples are included. These make for the perfect travel sizes.

5.  A Flirty Fragrance 


I always keep a travel size bottle of perfume in my bag. I prefer a sweet and light fragrance when on the go. A couple of sprays of your favorite scent will instantly freshen you up and lighten your mood after an exhausting flight. My top pick is “Sweet Honesty”, and the name speaks for itself.

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