Three Things You Must Do To Capture Quality Content

Be honest. Do you plan out your content in detail or do you turn the camera on and just wing it? Well as a content creator it is super important to maximize the content you capture each time you shoot. You’ve done hair and makeup, and maybe even booked a photographer so you want to make sure that the results are as best as possible.

Throughout my years of capturing content, I’ve developed a system that keeps me organized and ensures that I capture quality content! So here are are 3 of my best practices when capturing content. 


1. Find Your Light!

The key to capturing good photo or video content is to make sure everything is aesthetically pleasing during the shoot. So often creators attempt to fix problems with lighting via editing apps and software. But many of these issues can be avoided if the lighting is perfect during the shoot. 

Spend some time making sure that you or the subject is well lit before you begin capturing the content. This will ensure a great photo and save you much time in your edit session.   


2. Capture Multiple Angles & Poses! 

How many times have you snapped 100 photos only to go back through your camera roll and only 3 of them are different from the rest? Thats because you didn’t work those angles. Capturing multiple poses while shooting will give you a variety of options to choose from, and can serve as extra content for future needs such as blog or social posts. 

Channel your inner Tyra Banks and pose for your life!  

3. Always Capture a Headshot!  

Whether you are a lifestyle blogger, a make up enthusiast, or a performing artist, a quality headshot is always necessary. So I highly recommend using every opportunity when shooting to capture a few headshots. This thought isn’t always at the front of our minds, but making this a routine will ensure you always have a variety of headshots to choose from.

Even if the focus of your shoot is an outfit of the day or a summer shoe haul, always use the opportunity to snap a headshot. I promise you they will always come in handy for future content. And of course, there’s no such thing as too much content!

© 2020 Kala Riggins.