your brand is your CONTENT

There is a story that comes with each brand, product or expert. There is a reason why it was your burning desire to start that project, launch that brand or develop that product. As your Brand Stylist it is my job is to curate the digital content that translates your story online. Through storytelling, brand strategy we will uncover new ways for each brand, company, or entrepreneur to enhance their digital footprint using their own narrative. 

Anyone can do what you are doing…but no one can do it like you…and that is your 


 Engaging video content is the best way to connect with your audience organically while illustrating your brand’s story. Through high quality video production, I will take your idea and elevate it to a commercial, video series, or branded visual content.  Let’s enhance your digital footprint with innovative ways to grow your personal and professional brands online. 

Whether strategizing an engaging new social media layout or creating a web series to reflect a new vision, activating best practices through digital media is the goal. I serve as your personal brand strategist and content developer, by using industry knowledge and best practices to curate premium content.

Let’s strategize on engaging content that takes your personal or professional brand to the next level!  

Sometimes the hardest part is figuring out where to start or what to do next. The Creative Consultation is designed to elevate your ideas, define your goals, and set expectations to help you create a successful strategy to enhance your brand or business.  Let’s create your customized plan that gets you started with illustrating your brand’s story. 

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The Curly Cape

Jeff Cafone’s Jackets & Drinks 

The Dupre Foundation

Encounter Your Potential 

PairGap Original Series

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Maui Bigelow

Like most creatives, I am always committed to making my next move my best move. However, there are times when you need another creative to assist you in ironing things out, Kala Riggins was that creative.
During our creative consultation, Kala gave insight and asked questions that cause me to dig deep and set goals that would lead to my project’s success.
She was literally the icing on the cake!

Shawana V

Kala is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Our creative consultation flushed out all of my ideas as we applied strategy to each of them. We were able to realistically strategize who and what makes my brand unique, its meaning and how to properly grow it.

Carlyse Thomas 

If I could choose one word to describe Kala’s work, it would be phenomenal.  As a small business owner who is not very creative with social media content, she has definitely taken all of my ideas to the next level.  I would highly recommend Kala for anyone who is looking for a professional, results driven approach to their creative content.