about KALA

when passion meets purpose…magic happens… 

A sassy mix of energetic & fearless, Kala Riggins is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana, who has implanted her southern soul into New York City! With a Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcast Television and diverse career in media, Kala is a digital media maven, content-creating super producer with a thirst for all things digital.

In 2012, Kala began creating digital content dedicated to inspiring women to unapologetically embrace their true self. Today, Kala is a Digital Content Creator, Brand Strategist, Host & Speaker.

In addition to managing and curating her personal social and digital platforms, Kala provides consulting services to help you enhance your digital footprint and build your personal and professional brands online.

At her core Kala is a digital storyteller creating content that impacts community, culture and consciousness. As a host, Kala takes on candid real talk topics, with her video series “Beneath The Seams.”  The series highlights Kala as her most authentic self as she unapologetically exposes the core of who she is, while encouraging her audience to do the same. Kala’s content serves to inspire women to aggressively and unapologetically live their truth out loud in every aspect, everyday! 

 From skincare to self-care, lifestyle, and beauty, Kala’s diverse content is what makes her a well rounded creator. It is also what attracts her diverse audience.


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